Before Our Eyes

I’m in a store! I’m in a store! I’m in a store!
January 26, 2010, 2:42 pm
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There is a new store in town called Absolucy Children’s Boutique. It is the cutest store ever! They aren’t even officially open yet. But, they are UNofficially open, which means their doors were open, which means I walked my happy bum in there and asked them to carry a couple of my things. AND THEY SAID YES! I am so excited. So far, they have a few wipes cases, paintings and bags. I am doing a few Razorback tees to put in there as well! Yay! I am still in a little shock that they liked my stuff enough to agree to sell it 🙂

Other than that, I am in school again, and the hours are kickin’ my bootay. Yesterday I was there from 9-9. I had a break, but still so not fun! Classes are good, so that’s a plus! ha! I think it will be an okay semester.



Wow. I’m ADD and very forgetful, I apologize blogging world
January 12, 2010, 6:16 am
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The title says it all! I have been so bad about writing on here like I want to! I have just been crazy busy. We had about a million different Christmas celebrations, both of us worked and then new years came and now school has started back again! I promise to write on here more often! Really, I do. Because I really do want to remember the little things that have happened in our baby marriage. And by baby marriage, I mean still new, not infantile or any baby in the marriage! After all, this blog really is just for me when I get down to it!