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You’ll find me on the Soap Box
December 8, 2009, 4:46 am
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Dear Fashion Industry,

Why, oh why must you sell wildly innapropriate clothing for little girls? I have complained many a times when I see young children dressed like 25 year old prostitutes. I have stated my complaints to whomever I happen to be with at the time and blamed it on the mothers. But, let me tell you, Mr. Fashion. They have next to no choice. Of course, other than dressing like the Duggars. Why, you ask have I chosen today as rant day? Well, I spent some time shopping for one of our Angel Tree children. Well, both actually, but we are only going to focus on the female for now. She’s eleven. I went to three stores. I bought 1 shirt. Why on earth would you want “hot stuff” or “mmmmm” with a lollipop on it to be spread accross the chest of an eleven year old? So, my choices were as follows: pants that would have shown crack, shirts that would have shown what will eventually be cleavage when they are of age, shirts that are either too short and would show midriffs or too tight and would attempt to show curves on someone who doesn’t have any and dresses that could be worn to prom. Thats it. I left with 1 shirt from the clearance section. Disgusted.

So, Mr. Fashion, please reconsider when you are designing clothes for little girls. Otherwise, I suppose when I have little girls, they will be dressed in homemade Prairie dresses.


PS I am officially off my Soap Box