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I’m Grateful
November 28, 2009, 10:04 pm
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I am grateful for a whole lot of things. But today, I feel the need to put some of those here, so in case I feel like I should ever remember, I will know where to look.
I am first and foremost grateful for my wonderful family and friends. They are amazing.
I am grateful for the way my mother raised me. I think she did a good job. She raised a caring and compassionate young woman.
Today, though, I am grateful for much more. I have food. I have a roof over my head, I have pillows and down blankets and rugs and couches. I have electricity. I am going to assume anyone who happens upon this also have these luxuries. I don’t live a luxurious life by any means. I live in my mother’s basement.
The reason for these ramblings? Today, we took all of our leftover Thanksgiving Feast food (which was amazing!) to some homeless people. In my town. Around the corner. They were ridiculously grateful. It wasn’t much, we made a few turkey sandwiches, brought some milk and some apples. Had a little bit of dessert left over. You know what they said? “I prayed for milk this morning. This is a luxury down here.” Milk is their luxury.
So today, 2 days after Thanksgiving, where I sat down at a table with all of my family and shared everything we have been thankful for, I realized that I never said I was thankful for sheets. Which I am. Especially after today.


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