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Christmas Traditions! Yay!
November 29, 2009, 12:05 am
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(edit: there are no pictures because wordpress isn’t liking me tonight! I will try to get a few up later!!)

I decided to participate in Kelly’s Korner Show us Your Life post this week! I have only done it once before, but I so enjoyed looking over everyone else’s Christmas stuff, I thought I might as well do my own post. Being the newlyweds that we are (this will only be our second Christmas as married folks) we don’t have many traditions set in stone just yet. But they are getting there!

The first, I suppose isn’t even with the husband, it is with my God son’s. Every year (which I haven’t done yet this year, and should probably get going) I take my sweet God son to paint an ornament for his mama. They are adorable and I have really had the opportunity to watch him grow each year with the quality of his artwork! This year I have his little brother – who is also our God son – to take with us!

I also always go and paint a little plate or something with some friends around early November to celebrate the season! This year I didn’t actually do a Christmas themed plate for myself, I did one to match our kitchen year round, but I did paint one for my friend’s family! She is not the artist I am and begged me to do hers. I can’t wait to see it, we should be picking them up this week!

We do a lot of giving to others during the Holiday season. We give a lot all year long, but something about Christmas makes me want to do more and more! We always get an Angel Tree child and donate lots of food during this season. However, today, for the first time we decided that from now on, we are no longer getting each other Christmas gifts. We’ll probably still do little silly stocking stuffers!  This is going to be very difficult for me, because I am selfish and I LOVE opening presents! But, I have come to the realization that we aren’t always as grateful as we should be for what we have, so we are going to give it to someone who would be! We have decided that the money we had set aside for each other is going to go to the salvation army Angel Tree kiddos, homeless shelters, humane society, whatever we decide and that will be our gift to each other… happy hearts!  We may not have much, but we have much more than a lot of people out there. And I really don’t need a new purse that bad!

The other random traditions we have are to take our dogs to get their photo taken with Santa, put up a tree (of course!), and spend lots of time with family. We do Christmas Eve service twice! Once at the church we go to now and once at the church I grew up at with my Mama. Then we have Christmas morning at our house, go to my Grandparent’s house early, then we head to his Mom’s family. We usually do our dad’s families the weekend before or whenever everybody can get together at once! We are so very blessed to have such large and loving families!!


I’m Grateful
November 28, 2009, 10:04 pm
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I am grateful for a whole lot of things. But today, I feel the need to put some of those here, so in case I feel like I should ever remember, I will know where to look.
I am first and foremost grateful for my wonderful family and friends. They are amazing.
I am grateful for the way my mother raised me. I think she did a good job. She raised a caring and compassionate young woman.
Today, though, I am grateful for much more. I have food. I have a roof over my head, I have pillows and down blankets and rugs and couches. I have electricity. I am going to assume anyone who happens upon this also have these luxuries. I don’t live a luxurious life by any means. I live in my mother’s basement.
The reason for these ramblings? Today, we took all of our leftover Thanksgiving Feast food (which was amazing!) to some homeless people. In my town. Around the corner. They were ridiculously grateful. It wasn’t much, we made a few turkey sandwiches, brought some milk and some apples. Had a little bit of dessert left over. You know what they said? “I prayed for milk this morning. This is a luxury down here.” Milk is their luxury.
So today, 2 days after Thanksgiving, where I sat down at a table with all of my family and shared everything we have been thankful for, I realized that I never said I was thankful for sheets. Which I am. Especially after today.