Before Our Eyes

Yay for long weekends!
September 8, 2009, 2:00 am
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We had such a wonderful weekend… I didn’t do nearly enough studying, but I’m totally okay with that! We actually didn’t do much, Tyler worked most of the weekend. But, we went to our first Community Group with some great friends of ours and some new people that we hope to become great friends with! I signed my mom and I up for Race for the Cure and this year, they are offering a free fitness program… which we skipped tonight, but typically it is twice a week. We did have a legitimate skip working out reason. I am a mo-ron and I read the site to say 6:30-7:30, and assumed it meant AM… OOPS! We showed up at the stadium this morning at 6:20. ha! Yea… it said PM. So, we went and worked out on our own and walked up Snake Hill in NLR and walked by the lake. It was fun! Then, later in the day, T and I took our boys on a walk. Sampson got super over heated (who knew how hot it was today… omg!) and we had to stop to let him rest in a stream. He loved it! Bear just loved getting out of the backyard. He loves going on walks around our house because we have a big open area behind our house and he can usually go a while without his leash attached. So all in all, it was a fantastic weekend and we are so grateful for this long weekend!


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