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Update on my momma!
August 29, 2009, 4:10 am
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We really are blessed. I had so many stinkin’ people praying for Mom yesterday, and well… it worked! Her first surgery of the day (which she was texting me during – wierd, I know) went well and the spot they had to remove was not some gigantic hole in her face! Which basically meant that the reconstructive part wouldn’t be as invasive. When she got the plastic surgeon’s office, she went in thinking they were going to have to take skin from her cheek to close the incision on her nose, and well… she’s vain… and they apparently decided a different way to go about it. We still aren’t sure if they took skin from another spot (she says she can’t find one) or if the hole was just small enough to close with stitches. It looks wonderful! the stitches are teeny teeny teeny tiny. She will have a small scar, but nothing compared to what we found online when we googled “mohs.” I just have to say… I’m super pumped that I didn’t pass out when her IV came out or when her nose started bleeding in post op – maybe I can be a nurse after all. Ha!

My bestest friend in the whole wide world came over yesterday after work so we could go to a new worship service at my church and we went to see mi madre. Well, my genius of a friend thought it would be a terrific idea to go get those goofy joke glasses with the big nose and take them to her. So we went to Party City, found the glasses (in a freaking 12 pack) and she LOVED them… she has already talked some of her friends into wearing them to school their first day back, Monday. I was pretty pumped! And the worship service was awesome! Yesterday turned out to be a much better day than expected!


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