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Wow… it’s been a minute
August 27, 2009, 5:52 am
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Can you tell I’ve been busy!? Holy moly, it’s been well over a week… so much for posting every day.

I haven’t posted because nursing school has made be uber busy. On top of nursing school, we’ve moved and have been trying to update our house to make it “renter-ready.” So, this week I have made numerous trips to the storage facility that will be housing my life for the next 2 years or so, plenty of drop offs to Savers (love that place) and lots of trips back and forth between our old home and our new home.

I honestly had some issues with moving. I told my mom today that it was a horrifying feeling to know that your entire life – the only bit of a life you will have for years – is in 1 box. That’s all I brought. 1 box.

Okay… forward. I am kind of freaking out this evening (or super early morning) because my mom has been diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. I haven’t let it bother me because I felt there were so many other things to deal with. I definitely can’t tell her what I am feeling – she would panic. I know she will be fine. She goes in tomorrow morning for surgery to have it removed and I am praying to the Good Lord above that it is just the little bit they have found. We found out this week that my uncle’s “rare salivary gland cancer” was rare because he had 2 spots on his lungs, 1 on his spine and it had spread to his liver. HE HAD BEAT THE SALIVARY CANCER! The doctors didn’t bother to look elsewhere… and now he is stage 4. That blows. And it worries. My uncle is an old man – he’s actually my great uncle. He has lived a full life, he is at a place where he is ready to take his diagnosis and just go with it. I’m not ready for anything like that with my momma and it makes me so stinkin’ nervous.

Hope and Pray that all goes well tomorrow. I have faith that all will go well tomorrow. If I need a reminder of my faith, I’ll just check back with Ms Gilbert!



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many prayers are coming your way today nik!

Comment by Lauren

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